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Aluminum Story Cuff
Aluminum Story Cuff
Aluminum Story Cuff

Aluminum Story Cuff

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We have learned that Self Talk plays a bigger role in our lives than we know. The stories we tell ourselves are a powerful force. We designed these Cuffs to whisper reminders to the wearer all day.   

  • Breathe: Because, how many times in the day do we realize we’re holding our breath? Oh, the impact of a good inhale and exhale! We need to be reminded! 
  • Courage Dear Heart: Because just reading those words (originally from C.S. Lewis) does it.  Reminds us ever so gently to take courage by the hand and take the next right step. 
  • Choose Kindness: Because it is always a choice. Toward ourselves and others. And we never know the story the person we’re interacting with is going through.  And do you know how many good things happen in our brains for free when we choose kindness?  A Lot! 

The Details: 

  • materials: upcycled aluminum 
  • dimensions: ¼”

The Story:

Local materials and local skills are married to make our beautiful aluminum pieces! Recycled aluminum is melted and poured into sand molds to set by makers who have been working with aluminum to make cooking pots for years. Then it is cleaned and stamped with individual letters.  Each piece is fair wage labor-full!


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