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Ethical Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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This Valentine's Day choose ethically made gifts. 

So what's the problem with typical Valentine's Day gifts? 

Typical Valentine's day gifts, chocolates, diamonds, and stuffed animals have a deep history of exploitation. If you're already reading this, you probably are already looking for ethical alternatives to Valentine's day gifts. But if this is all new to you, here's some important reading material for you.

  1. "Diamond Trade Still Fuels Human Suffering"
  2. "Cocoa's Child Labor"
  3. "Stunning photos show what it's like inside a Chinese factory that makes toys to sell to the rest of the world"

Let's get on with the good news! The good news is that you can choose how to spend your dollar, and we have some GREAT choices for you! You can choose to spend your dollar to empower people, not exploit them! Your purchase at The Lemonade Boutique empowers women to take life's lemons and make lemonade. Read more about our cause here. 


First, start with a Valentine's Day Card! 

These are made using the ancient Quilling "rolled paper" technique, they are breathtakingly beautiful and are made in Vietnam by deaf artisans in a Fair Trade factory. 

Floral Heart Quilling Card $10.00

Blooming Love Tree Card $10.00

love birds card

Love Birds Quilling Card $10.00

Then, add something to pamper your love!

That could be a great smelling candle made in the USA by refugees...

Candles of Affection $15.00

She Inspires Quote Candle $20.00

Or some bath products made by women survivors of sex trafficking...

Mini Rose Bath Soak $7.00

Smoothing Rose Scrub with Himalayan Salt - $14.00

Smoothing Citrus Scrub with Blackberry Seeds - $14.00

fresh start soap

Fresh Start Soap $10.00

lip balm

Soothing Natural Lip Balm - $5.00

Or some great tasting fair trade tea drops...

tea drops

tea drops

Tea Drops starting at $14.00

Then add something shiny...

These fair trade jewelry pieces are made by women overcoming sex trafficking 

alexis in rose gold alexis in silver

alexis in gold

Alexis Heart Necklace in Rose Gold, Sliver, or Gold - $45.00 each

Mina gold & opal earrings

Mina Gold & Opal Circle Stud Earrings - $35.00

Erika Triangle earrings

Erika Triangle Gold & Silver Dangle Earrings - $45.00

caprice circle and square necklace

Caprice Circle & Square Pendant Necklace - $50.00

delores pearl necklace

Delores Pearl & Hematite Beaded Necklace - $43.00

Tamara Gold Teardrop Dangle Earrings

Tamara Gold Teardrop Dangle Earrings $30.00

Joyce Mother-of-Pearl Cross Necklace

Joyce Mother-of-Pearl Cross Necklace - $43.00

emza key pendant

Emza Key Pendant Necklace -- Gold or Silver $45.00

Don't forget to add gift wrapping to any item for just $2.50!

gift wrapping

add wrapping!

Check the box on any product page and if you want Valentine theme wrapping, select Rosey Red in the drop down menu! 


Looking for more?

Checkout all 75 gifts in our curated Valentine's Day Gift collection. 

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