Collection: Human Trafficking

Your purchase of any of these items actively fights human trafficking through prevention and restoration.

Human Trafficking Facts:

  • Human Trafficking is modern day slavery. 
  • There are 40 million people victims worldwide (estimated). 
  • 1 in 4 victims are children. 
  • 20.2 million are in forced labor (58% are female).
  • 15 million are in forced marriage.
  • 4.8 million are in forced sexual exploitation (99% are female).


Notice that although sexual exploitation gets most of the media coverage, more people are trapped in forced labor. Your purchase of ethically made, exploitation-free clothes such as these ensures freedom for at risk people. 
According to the Global Slavery Index, the fashion industry is identified as one of the five key industries contributing to the prevalence of modern slavery. When you buy cheap clothes from brands using exploitative labor, someone somewhere is paying for it with their lives.


Several of our artisan partner groups work with women who are overcoming a past of sexual exploitation. Women who join our partner groups are offered fair employment and job training, and depending on the group they are also offered: safe housing, child-care, faith-based counseling, medical care, community, and so much more. Your purchase of these clothes and jewelry employs women fairly and provides them with these services.

Additional reading/sources include: International Labor Organization, Global Estimates of Modern Slavery, and Global Slavery Index.

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